Preserving Health with Pet Wellness Exams in Atlanta, GA

Pet wellness exams are where we establish your pet’s health baseline, screen for underlying illness, and make sure they’re protected from disease year after year. At Pharr Road Animal Hospital in Atlanta, we recommend annual pet wellness exams as part of your companion’s routine care. This is because their health can change rapidly, and they might not show any clinical signs unless we look for them.

With regular checkups, we can touch base with you and your pet, evaluate their health and lifestyle, and recommend changes if need be. During these wellness visits, we also want to answer any questions you have, so you fully understand your pet’s health and the treatments they need to enjoy a better quality of life.

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What to Expect from Your Pet’s Wellness Exam in Atlanta

At the start of the wellness exam, we want to know how your pet is doing. This helps us construct a detailed health history so we can provide your pet with the very best personalized care going forward.

Some of the most important steps of a pet wellness exam include:

  • The physical examination, where we check all your pet’s vitals and examine their eyes, ears, oral cavity, limbs, joints, skin, coat, and abdomen for anything unusual
  • Blood work and fecal testing, to screen for parasites and check organ system functioning
  • Deworming, which is often necessary for puppies and kittens
  • Vaccinations, which are tailored to your pet’s health and lifestyle
  • Parasite prevention, to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, and heartworms
  • Counseling on nutrition and behavior, so your pet can live a fully healthy and happy life with your family
Cat Arched Back Thin Tail

Safeguard Your Pet with Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms are a frustrating reality for pets and their families, but the threat they pose to your pet can be significantly reduced with parasite preventatives. Many dog and cat owners have probably experienced a flea infestation or had to pull a tick off their pet. But aside from being icky, parasites can also make your pet very sick. Some tick-borne diseases, including Lyme, can be passed on to humans. By protecting your pet from parasites year-round, you also protect yourself and other members of your family.

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