Offering Essential Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Atlanta, GA

If you want your pet to enjoy robust protection from various harmful diseases throughout their lifetime, then you need to make sure they stay vaccinated. At Pharr Road Animal Hospital, we recommend certain core vaccinations for all dogs and cats, but we also offer several lifestyle-based vaccinations. Because we believe in keeping your furry family members safe and healthy, we take care to make sure they only get the vaccines they really need. Over-vaccinating can do more harm than good for our pets, which is why we take an individual approach to recommending vaccines for all our patients. Call us at (404) 237-4601 to schedule an appointment.

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The Importance of Core Vaccines for Dogs and Cats

Core vaccines are those that are considered essential to the health and safety of every pet. We follow the American Animal Hospital Association’s vaccine guidelines, which are based on extensive research and intended to be the safest possible for companion animals. Below are the core vaccines we recommend for dogs and cats.

Cat Arched Back Thin Tail

Lifestyle-Based Cat and Dog Vaccines

For the pets that may be exposed to less common diseases, such as kennel cough (Bordtella), canine flu, and Lyme disease, we offer lifestyle-based vaccines, including:

  • Leptospirosis
  • Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • H3N2 flu vaccine
  • Lyme, usually recommended for working dogs
  • Feline leukemia (FeLV), usually recommended for indoor/outdoor cats

It’s important that we understand your pet’s health history and lifestyle to make sure they’re receiving the proper vaccinations. Dogs that are regularly boarded, groomed, in daycare, or anywhere else dogs congregate will need to have their Bordetella vaccine to protect against the highly contagious kennel cough virus. Working dogs, which may spend lots of time in thick brush and wooded areas, are more vulnerable to ticks, many of which can transmit Lyme disease. Therefore, we would recommend that your working dog receive the Lyme vaccine.

We’ll be happy to talk with you about your pet’s home environment, lifestyle, current health, and other factors to determine their vaccination program. Contact us at (404) 237-4601 to make an appointment and start protecting your four-legged best friend!