Request an Appointment

Fill out the online form provided to request your pet’s next appointment. Please use this form for general appointments only; if your pet is having an urgent problem, call us right away at (404) 237-4601, or reach out to one of our recommended referral clinics.

We ask that you complete this form reasonably in advance, so our team can process your request and help you reschedule your appointment if needed.

Curbside Services and What to Expect at Your Appointment

We will be starting in-person office visits Monday, June 14th! At this time, we will be only allowing up to 2 clients into the exam room, and we will continue to require masks to be worn at all times. We ask that you please call from the parking lot when you arrive and wait to be escorted to the next available exam room. When scheduling your appointment, please state your preference for an in-person, curbside, or drop off exam.

Curbside and drop-off exams are still available! All technician visits will remain curbside. Surgical and dental procedure discharges will remain curbside. Owners coming to pick up medications or food may come inside, but are welcome to remain curbside as well.

For a curbside exam, we ask that you please call when you arrive and wait in your car. A technician will call you to ask you some questions about your pet and then will come out to your car to borrow your pet.

We ask that all dogs come with leashes, and all cats must be in carriers. If you do not have a leash or carrier, please let your technician know and we will provide one for the visit. Please help get your pet out of the car and hand them off  to the technician or assistant.

Once inside, your pet will have their vitals taken and their exam done by the doctor, along with any necessary vaccines or diagnostics. The doctor will call you to go over exam findings and make a treatment plan with you if necessary.

Once your pet is ready to go, our reception team will call to check you out over the phone and an assistant will bring your pet back out to you, along with any food or medications to go home!